Benefits of implementing automation of product photography in e-commerce

31 January 2021

Natalia Szałko

Associated with marketing for 10 years. She has extensive experience in brand management and graphic design. Interested in consumer preferences and advertising trends.

Product presentation is of great importance, especially in the context of luxury goods, but is increasingly gaining in importance also in the context of fast-moving consumer goods. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, online sales have increased significantly in most industries.

Studies indicate that consumers’ willingness to buy online should continue after the pandemic. 

As online sales increase, so does the competition and consumer demands. In this situation, it seems obvious to ask what can be done to keep a customer in our store?

A well-made and coherent presentation of products in online stores makes them credible and changes the perception of the entire offer. Often it even plays a key role in making the final purchase decision. This is because our brain’s perceptual mechanisms naturally make us prefer symmetry and order. The excellent quality photos make the product attract our attention, we immediately perceive it as prettier, better and sometimes even more expensive.

Creating high-quality product photographs usually consumes a lot of time, energy and money. The solutions facilitating this process – systems for automatic product photography – may come in handy. They allow to easily create photos, 360° animations and videos that are ready to be shared in an online store or social media in a few seconds. Software functions, such as automatic removal and change of background color or adding a logo, are available already at the stage of creating photos, which is especially important from the point of view of graphic designers and marketing employees. The use of such systems has a real impact on reducing the time needed to take product photos and, above all, increases the efficiency of work.

Mode360° offers automatic photography systems adapted to products of various weights and dimensions, which enables their implementation in most industries. The systems are designed to be useful and easy to use for professionals as well as for people who have not dealt with photography before.

Automation of product photography allows you to standardize materials and liven up their visual attractiveness. In addition, photos of details and 360° presentations increase the credibility of the offer, giving a sense of greater transaction security, so the customer has the opportunity to make a purchase decision more consciously. This awareness in the long run also translates into a reduction in the number of returns in the online store.

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