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​Main features

  1. An optimal solution for products with a maximum size of 180 x 120 cm and a weight of up to 40 kg.

  2. Remote control of both, the device and the camera from the ModeViD application.

  3. Live preview allowing for convenient product stylization and producing creative compositions.

  4. Automated backround removal function "BRG"

  5. Probably the best algorithm on market for Super Focus developed in association of scientist from Technical Universities in Poland. Super Focus tool allows you to make perfectly sharp photos even with low apreture values.

  6. 3 years warranty.


    • Full independence in the process of professional photo production, guaranteeing a quick return on investment.
    • Zero requirements in terms of photographic knowledge. Anyone can operate MODE360° devices and software.
    • Full automation of background removal, while taking pictures, without the need for a retoucher.
    • Consistent image quality that guarantees realistic colour reproduction of the product, regardless of external factors such as room brightness or wall colour.
    • Time savings guaranteed by easy operation and a end result which does not require post-production.
    • No fixed costs as opposed to having a traditional photographic studio.
    • Resistance to exploitation - we guarantee 50 000 hours of continuous operation of our LED lighting, whereas the traditional flashing lights have a lifetime of about 50 000 flashes.
    • Friendly and simple software allowing auto-cropping and image editing in bulk.
    • Easy repeatability thanks to the possibility of saving presets, memorizing camera settings and light adjustments.
    • Wide range of accessories making it easier to work with product photography.
    • Free training and full assistance in the implementation of our technology.
    • Technical support even after the guarantee period

About Mode Style

MODE STYLE is an easy-to-use, ultra-fast photo studio dedicated to the fashion industry. The device is designed to replace time-consuming photographing of clothing and accessories with an easy and automated process. Obtaining professional packshots and creative compositions (flat lay photography) takes no more than a few seconds. The system automatically removes the background from the image and saves it in the desired format (JPEG, png). The final result does not require any retouching, so the saved time can be spent on publishing the photos on the website, social media, or sales platforms.

Highest quality lighting

Working with MODE STYLE is a pure pleasure. The system has the highest quality LED lighting with a temperature of 5700 K (daylight equivalent) and CRI 95+ (color rendering index), guaranteeing natural color reproduction, which does not require further correction. Lightweight aluminum arms allow you to change the angle of each of the four lamps. The 200 cm by 120 cm backlit table allows you to freely photograph even the largest elements of clothing. The liveview option is an ideal solution for styling and arranging compositions. Solid construction ensures a load limit of up to 40 kg. That is why it is also used in many other industries. MODE STYLE is perfect for archiving paintings, old photos, documents, maps and many other elements which require to be photographed from aerial view.

Easy to use

Our technology meets the expectations of everyone who needs detailed, uniform quality photos, without the involvement of qualified photographers, retouchers and photographic flash lights. MODE STYLE is extremely intuitive to use. Once the camera is mounted to the device and the product is placed on the table, we are ready to operate. The included MODEViD software, which you install on your computer, connects to your device and camera via a USB cable. All lighting and camera settings can be easily and remotely controlled from the MODEViD software.

Comprehensive Support

It is possible to purchase the Twister platform in set with photographic equipment. Our experts will help you to choose the best compatible camera, lens and lighting set to meet your requirements.

​Available configurations

MS 100

Basic set contains*

  • MODE STYLE Studio Device
  • MODEViD Software
  • USB and Power cables
  • Basic Cloud Account

* We offer a purchase of MODE360 devices with photographic equipment. Our experts will help you to choose the best compatible camera and lens.

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Technical specification

Light type:
LED 5700 K (daylight)
3 years

MODE360° MODE STYLE requires a PC or MAC and a Canon EOS camera (or selected Nikon DSLR models) with a standard or macro lens.

Hardware requirements

WINDOWS 64bit 7, 8, 10
MAC OS X 10.12, 10.13
min. Intel i3
min. 8GB
3× USB 2.0

Recommended photography equipment

MODE° Device Photographed object Standard Camera Lens Apply to Additional accessories
MODE Style
up to 180 cm Optimum Canon 80D Canon 24-105 mm f/4.0L EF IS USM
Canon 17-40 mm f/4.0L EF IS USM
ex. Garments, Shoes, Stylisations, Accessories, Hats
Professional Canon 5Ds, 5D MkIV Canon 24-105 mm f/4.0L EF IS USM

Other devices that have been tested with the MODE° devices