The second life of fashion and concern for ecology – the inspiring approach of Estila

10 9월 2021

Natalia Szałko

Associated with marketing for 10 years. She has extensive experience in brand management and graphic design. Interested in consumer preferences and advertising trends.

Estila was founded in 2019. The idea was born in the minds of a few friends who wondered how they could influence the fashion industry to minimize environmental pollution. The textile industry emits 1.2 billion tons of CO2 annually and is the second most polluting sector after agriculture. Estila decided to give products a second life and encourage consumers to buying things that are used or have slight defects. Estila offers clothing, footwear and other accessories that have been returned by consumers and which have not been sold in the first attempt. In this interview with Joanna Pikuła, sales manager of the Estila e-commerce team, you will find out what convinced them to choose the MODE360° brand.

Why is the quality of photos and the ability to create 360 ​​presentations important to you?

The quality of the photos is crucial for us. The e-commerce sector is our main sales chanel, where the publication of photos is associated with high customer expectations. When browsing the offers, consumers regularly zoom in on photos. At this stage, the customer assesses whether a possible defect is acceptable to him or not before deciding to purchase. The presentation of footwear or accessories in the 360-degree format definitely distinguishes us from the competition, giving our clients a wide and comprehensive picture of the products we offer.

Estila sample photos taken with the Combo system

Why did you choose a MODE360° system?

Before deciding to choose the MODE360° brand, we researched the market. We were looking for solutions best suited to the needs of our company. We wanted to improve the quality of photos and obtain a new, different way of presenting our offer.

The choice of this particular device in our case was influenced by the employees of MODE360°, who very carefully guided us through the entire sales process. It made the whole situation a lot easier, especially since there were a lot of objections in our minds about buying the device. Concerns resulted from the topic of operation, we wondered if it would be complicated and whether it would involve a lot of working time… All these objections were finally dispelled. We felt and still feel the care of MODE360° employees, for which we are grateful 😊.

What areas in your company were influenced by the use of the MODE360° system?

The Combo device that we purchased significantly accelerated our work. We reduced the time of a single session to just 6 minutes! This is a huge benefit for us.

Another very important thing is that thanks to the Combo device, we are able to put absolutely every item on our sales auctions. Our rejection of products for which it was previously unprofitable to make a traditional photo session is now 0.

We have reduced the costs and working time, thanks to which we fully implement the mission of our company and give each item a second chance for sale.

Joanna Pikuła
Sales manager of the Estila e-commerce team

She has been involved in sales since the beginning of her professional career (since 2008), for 8 years she has specialized in the areas of: management, project building, employee development and motivation, cost optimization, budget planning. She is responsible for the sales team on a daily basis. She runs projects aimed at increasing the company’s profits and optimizing costs. Constantly striving for perfection, perfectly organized, effective in actions. She believes that nothing is impossible.

In her private life, she an animal lover, perfecting a vegan diet, empathetic to climate change, constantly fighting for a better world.

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