MODEViD 4.3 premiere with new Image Tools

15 December 2020
Category: Latest news

On December 15, the latest version of the MODEViD 4.3 software was released, bringing new possibilities of advanced photo editing. The software became more attractive due to Image Tools enabling advanced, selective editing of the color and texture of the photographed object. Creating packshots in any color version has become easier than ever.

The Image Tools plugin consists of a set of advanced, yet extremely easy-to-use tools:

  • HueSat tool (HSL) – goes beyond the standard color saturation adjustment by allowing selective, advanced color management of an image.
  • Colorize tool – allows to edit or completely change the color of the photographed object and save the HEX color code for future use.
  • Beautify tool – allows to smooth the texture of the entire object or a selected part of it.
  • Magic Wand and the selection toolkit allow to selectively apply filters to a specific area of an image.

Image Tools are embedded in an improved interface that allows to compare the edited image with the original one.

The new Pro version tools have been developed in collaboration with professional photographers to streamline the photo preparation process as much as possible. The Image Tools plugin allows to:

  • editing the color and texture of the whole or selected parts of a photo,
  • creating any number of color versions of a product using one photo,
  • preparing photos of just ordered, new color versions of the product,
  • designing new color versions of already existing products.

More about MODEViD Pro can be found in the Software tab.

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