The Biggest Closed Chamber

Create incredible stills. Engaging 360° animations and full HD, 4K videos. All captured within seconds, ready for publish all across your channels.

Remote-controlled rotating platform, lighting and camera settings. All images are saved instantly to your computer or shared drive.

User-presets and auto-background removal speed up workflow by at least 62%. System ensures consistent results, no matter who is operating it.

Instant change of background color. Selective color editing (HSL). Auto-cropping, batch resize. All you need to do is publish.

No photography knowledge required. System handles all the complexity reducing overall workflow to few clicks.

How does an automated photography studio work?


Place the product on the rotating platform. Tools such as laser centering ensure consistent position of every product.


MODEViD software allows to take up to 360 photos of the product from different angles. You can convert your photos into a rotating animation with just one click.


The ready-to-publish photos and animation can be immediately uploaded on the website or sales platform. MODEViEW Cloud generates HTML5 code for easy 360° animation embedding.

MODEViD – the most advanced product photography software

MODEViD PRO Powerful, Intuitive Photography software.
WIN & OSX compatible.


Remote device and camera control


Auto background-removal


Auto Focus Stacking


Post Editor



Why choose Jumbo

Large working space

+ max. size limit:
W 50 x L 50 x H 70 cm / 19 x 19 x 27”
+ max. weight limit:
35 kg / 77 lbs.

Robust construction

Made in EU.
Designed by MODE.
Built with highest quality control standards.

3D arm as standard

Top down shooting.
Flexible camera angle control.
0° – 90° 3D animations.

Automated functions

Focus stacking (Super focus).
Auto background-removal.
User Presets.

3 years warranty

3 years hardware warranty.

Free training

Full Implementation assistance with our photography experts.

Packshots and 360° spins examples



Unique solutions of Jumbo for automated product photography

Top-quality LED lighting

6 powerful LED panels with 5700 K daylight temperature (+/- 200 K). Each LED panel provides highest possible color rendering index (CRI) of 95+, ensuring true color representation.

Integrated 3D arm

Spherical arch for 0° – 90° 3D animations. The arc is extendable. The distance between the camera and product can be easily controlled.

Integrated laser centering system

For easy product positioning. The laser can be switched ON/OFF with function button on the device or remotely via software.

Exchangeable side panels

Black or white side panels for better light control. Black side defines the edge of the products. White side bounces and softens the light inside the device reducing the amount of shadows.

⌀ 90 cm motorized platform

Durable platform with built-in micro-processor for shooting smooth 360° animations or capturing stills at desired angles. Platform has 1° increment precision.

Mobility and Space Efficiency

Additional wheeled base for Jumbo rises the devices by 45 cm and allows convenient mobility of the system. System requires 1.5 sq m ensuring 3 x more space efficiency in comparison to traditional studio.

Adaptable to all needs

Jumbo can be equipped with wide range of accessories designed to handle most demanding products. Bottle Stands, hanging system, diffusion panels all available to ease the everyday workflow.

Natural Shadow

It allows you to create packshots and 360° presentations preserving the natural shadow cast by the product. This groundbreaking functionality allows you to add depth to your photos and show your product in a more real, natural way. To use the Natural Shadow functionality, you must have a set consisting of a shadow base and a lamp.


Create five 360 presentations with the automatically removed backgrounds in less than 10 minutes! Additional arm enabling simultaneous connection of five cameras to the Jumbo system. It allows you to take photos of the product from multiple angles at the same time with a single rotation of the platform.

Recommended accessories for Jumbo

Technical specifications 

Technical specification
Dimensions W 104 × L 146 × H 110 cm
Weight 135 kg
Voltage 110-240 V
Power 915 W
Platform diameter 90 cm
Light type LED 5700 K (daylight)
All LED CRI 95+
Dimensions of the subject: max. 70 × 50 × 50 cm
Warranty 3 years

Using MODE360° Jumbo requires a PC or MAC and a Canon EOS camera (or selected Nikon DSLR models) with a standard or macro lens.

Hardware requirements
System WINDOWS 64 bit 7, 8, 10
MAC OS X 10.12, 10.13
Processor min. Intel i5
RAM min. 8 GB
Port 3 × USB 2.0
Basic set includes
MODE360° Jumbo v3
MODEViD Software
USB and Power cables
Integrated laser calibration system


Recommended photography equipment


Object size 15 – 50 cm


Canon 750D/760D or Canon 77D


Canon 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 EF-S IS STM


Object size 15 – 50 cm


Canon 80D


Canon 24-105 mm f/4.0L EF IS USM
Canon 17-40 mm f/4.0L EF IS USM


Object size 15 – 50 cm


Canon 5Ds, 5D MkIV


Canon 24-105 mm f/4.0L EF IS USM

* We offer a purchase of MODE360° devices with photographic equipment. Our experts will help you to choose the best compatible camera and lens.

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