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15 March 2021
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Natalia Szałko

Associated with marketing for 10 years. She has extensive experience in brand management and graphic design. Interested in consumer preferences and advertising trends. was created to make parents or soon to be parents’ life easier and more affordable. It provides a solution for easy sale and purchase of used clothing, toys and more. not only helps the customers save up to 80% compared to the retail price, but also the brand helps the planet by aiming to protect the environment. Read the interview with Timm Brocks – Co-Founder and Advisor to get to know more about the brand and why they decided to cooperate with MODE360°.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea was born during a trip to the US, which has 2, 3 relevant players in the market, where we tested the service locally. So, as parents, we decided to introduce such a platform to the Polish market, purely focused on kids clothing. In addition, we added two elements: Swappy points – which the user can collect and instantly use to buy different items on our platform and full service, meaning that the only thing the customers have to do is to send us the clothes and create an account online.

How does it work?

You can sell and buy clothes directly or use your points to benefit from your used clothes right away. We take care of everything: photos, price evaluation, adding products to our site, so the only thing the customer does is earn money or buy new items. is from parents for parents. All items are checked, controlled and ready to be loved again.

Why is the quality of the photos important to you?

It´s all about the user experience and fulfilling our promise. Take our mission: Used To Be Loved. Used kids’ clothes are usually not worn longer than for a couple of months at most, which makes them perfectly fine, almost new, and our pictures have to show it! Additionally, we are all about full transparency and we want to 100% show the current state of the product. We are not only on a mission to make the parents’ lives easier, more affordable but we are on the way to provide the used clothes trading business with a new image and fun factor. Hence great pictures are part of the Swappy brand. sample photos taken with the Mode Style system

Why did you decide to choose the MODE360° system?

Actually, for a couple of reasons: a. the current device we have (Mode Style) together with the software perfectly fit our needs at this stage, b. our initial contact point with the company was very helpful and led us all the way to make the right choice, c. last but not least, as a Polish company it was great to work with a local player, almost a neighbor from the Tri City, where we both are located.

What are the main benefits of using MODE360° system in your business?

Most importantly workflow and efficiency. We needed a solution which allowed us to streamline our processes, from taking the picture, adding it to our CMS and repeating the process. It´s all about scalability, without compromising quality at scale.

Timm Brocks
Co-Founder and Advisor of

Timm is an international sales and marketing expert who has been connecting brands, products & services through technology for more than a decade.

He has served multinational brands such as EA SPORTS, LG ELECTRONICS, LG MOBILE and XL ENERGY in various, international marketing & sales roles. Since 2010 he´s holding leadership roles in B2B MarTech companies such as, and

Investment and advisor roles include (e-comm.), (MarTech, launch 04/21) and

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