The importance of product photography in e-commerce

3 December 2021
Category: E-commerce

Yamen Hosni

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In recent years, online sales channels have become a priority for most businesses. We are constantly looking for new ways to convince the customer of the uniqueness of the products offered. It is not an easy task, because consumers in online stores are not patient – just a few seconds are enough to decide whether they will stay in our store or leave it. For this brief moment, we have a chance to attract or lose attention, and it is the photos, not the words, that will determine this first impression.

Photos in the online store and returns

High-quality product photos, in addition to the price and reliable description, are the main factor increasing the attractiveness of the product in the eyes of a potential customer. Buyers want to view the product from all angles and expect that the photos will accurately reflect the real characteristics of the goods. Online sales statistics show that more than 20% of returns in online stores are due to the fact that the product received differed from the one pictured on the Internet. At the same time, 7% of the returners claim that the received goods had a different color than the color shown in the photos. This clearly shows how large the scale of uploading photos is, which do not show the actual appearance and condition of the product.

How to use automation to improve the quality of photos in an online store?

Keep in mind that online stores sell not so much the product as an image of it. Acting on the buyer’s imagination, we make them feel the need to purchase an item, so let’s act effectively and consciously, but without distorting reality. In achieving this goal, we can help us with systems for automatic product photography, which allow you to take photos, 360 presentations and product videos, while maintaining their repeatability, and most importantly, faithful reproduction of the color of the photographed objects.

How does the automatic product photography system work?

Automatic product photography systems consist of hardware and software. The MODE360° offer includes a large selection of systems adapted to products of various shapes and dimensions, thanks to which they can be used in most industries. The device allows you to create photos, 360-degree presentations and videos in optimal conditions that guarantee full repeatability. The software, on the other hand, enables, among other things, automatic background removal, saving lighting and camera settings, and even advanced photo editing. Thanks to the use of such a system, we are able to quickly create valuable, high-quality material, ready for publication in the online store.

Photos undoubtedly play a key role in the process of making a purchase decision, while building trust in the online store and strengthening its recognition. If, at the same time, they accurately reflect the characteristics of the product, the probability of returning the goods decreases. Photos attract or discourage consumers, so investing in good quality packshots and a system that will help ensure this has a number of benefits in the long run. It is worth remembering that a satisfied customer is more likely to buy again, and that is what we care about.

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