Deepening ties, education and the joy of having fun – a vision that turned into the success of Trefl S.A.

20 July 2021
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Yamen Hosni

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Trefl S.A. is a family company whose products have been enjoyed by children and adults since 1985. The idea of creating products for families and strengthening ties was present from the beginning, when Trefl S.A. was only a small local company, and is still valid today. All games, puzzles and toys are designed bearing in mind the children’s needs and deepening family ties. The company constantly strives to ensure that their products not only have an impact on the development of creativity, imagination and curiosity of the youngest, but also to ensure the educational value of their toys and games for children. Of course, Trefl products are not only dedicated for children – adults are also eager to play games or puzzles, as they are a good reason to put down phones and spend quality time together by solving puzzles, team competing during games and sincere laughter during play. Read the interview with Michał Anulewicz – e-marketing manager of Trefl S.A. to find out how they build their advantage and success, and why they decided to cooperate with MODE360°.

How wide is the company’s portfolio and where can your products be found?

Our customers appreciate the wide offer in our store. We produce about 20 million products per year. Our games and toys are recognized by their quality and usability. We also offer SIKU cars, Lalaboom sensory toys and Science4You sets, to name just a few. Due to the great interest, we sell our products to over 50 countries, both as distribution partners and directly. In Poland, you will find our games and puzzles in almost every toy store.

Why is product presentation important to you?

In order to meet the needs of our customers, apart from high-quality products, their presentation is also important. This applies to both digital and traditional channels (catalogs, press advertisements), so the quality of the photos must match the quality of what we offer. In addition, the possibility to create 360 presentations is increasingly important due to the constantly growing e-commerce segment. The high-quality photo content is crucial in online sales. The presentation of product details, its features and properties assures the customer that this is exactly what he needs.

Why did you choose the MODE360° system?

Trefl is increasingly marking its presence in the e-commerce segment. We publish photos of our products on platforms such as,,,, as well as on our key distributors’ sites, such as, Therefore, in order to meet all the requirements, we decided to choose the MODE360° system. The key aspect of choosing the right equipment, apart from its capabilities and quality, was technical and substantive support as well as the proximity of the company’s headquarters and service. The MODE360° system responds to our needs of shooting product photos and, above all, is universally applicable, because with its help we implement static product packshots, photos of details, as well as animated presentations or 360 animations. Systems such as MODE360° help in many aspects of work related to the product. Thanks to the use of MODE360° system, we have expanded the possibilities of presenting our products. The photo standard used so far in our company were product renders, but at the moment we can present what we sell much more interestingly and more effectively.

Trefl sample photos taken with the Jumbo system

What are the benefits of using the MODE360° system?

MODE360° is our time saver, both when it comes to the time needed for photo sessions as well as the subsequent work of graphic designers. In just a few minutes we can complete a photo session of our product, which consists of several different shots – all without the tedious setting of the product, background, lighting, etc. Everything takes place in a dedicated photo chamber. The equipment makes it possible to automatically remove the background from the photos, which speeds up the work of graphic designers. We also use the MODE360° system for product photography used on packaging – which largely influenced the quality and speed of these works.

Trefl is a valued, liked and recognizable brand. How is such a success achieved?

We know that the level of customer satisfaction is influenced by many factors, that is why we try to constantly expand our offer, invent new games, puzzle patterns or toys to make children and adults smile. We try to show the quality of our products as accurately as possible, which is why we choose the equipment that allows us to do so. We believe that joy is the key to success, so we want to generate as much of it as possible, while gaining more satisfied customers.

Michał Anulewicz
E-marketing Manager Trefl S.A.

He has been working in the field of marketing since the beginning of his professional career (since 2009), for several years he has specialized in digital and e-commerce. On a daily basis, he is responsible for the e-marketing department at Trefl S.A., developing an online strategy for the brand and products. He manages technological projects and campaigns aimed at achieving reach and sales goals.

Enthusiast of personalization and matching of marketing communication, as well as providing positive user experiences (UX). A fan of new technologies and tools aimed at facilitating everyday activities.

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