Multiple solutions
for fast and easy photography
with 360° and 3D animations

Picture itAnimate itPublish it in 360°

MODE360° systems allow you to take a series of photos of the product from different angles. With just one click, you can turn your photos into a rotating animation.

Photos can be immediately put on a website, used in social media or in advertising.

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Time needed to take a single photo with the automatically removed background

Time needed to prepare 360 presentation/video

We offer a 3-year warranty on our products

Check out sample product photos from various industries

The new year brought many changes, and one of them is the fusion of Sygnis New Technologies with Mode SA. Since December 30, 2021, we have been operating as Sygnis SA, a deep-tech company, specializing in R&D projects in the field of additive technologies, energy production, biotechnologies and nanotechnologies.

You can find more information about the fusion here: https://sygnis.pl/PDF/SYGNIS_SA_debuts_on_stock_exchange.pdf