4.4 version

with Natural Shadow and new Image Tools

  • Natural Shadow
  • Color Levels
  • Hue&Sat Presets
  • Color Picker
  • Product – selection tool

Natural Shadow

It allows you to create packshots and 360° presentations preserving the natural shadow cast by the product. This groundbreaking functionality allows you to add depth to your photos and show your product in a more real, natural way. The shadow can be removed or added as needed using Image Tools’ mask editing feature. To use the Natural Shadow functionality, you must have a set consisting of a shadow base and a lamp.

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It allows you to use up to five cameras at the same time. Thanks to this functionality, you can take photos and 360 presentations of the product from different angles with a single rotation of the platform. The option of connecting multiple cameras simultaneously is available for all MODE360° devices.

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Recover Edge – Image Tools

Enables quick and precise recovery of the edges of the product in the photo when using the BGR function. The option is especially helpful in the case of demanding items such as transparent or glass products.

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BGR – Autmoatic Background Removal

Save time and money with one of the best Automatic Background Removal (BGR) algorithms on the market. The solution allows you to later use the photo and present it on any background, significantly reducing the work time of graphic designers and photo retouchers.

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SUPER FOCUS – Focus Stacking

With Super Focus (Focus stacking) you will get an impeccably sharp picture of the product. Let your customers watch you get a fully sharp image in all conditions, even with a macro lens and low aperture. Based on an algorithm developed in cooperation with scientists from technical universities, it is currently one of the top-of-the-line solutions available on the market.

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With MODEViD PRO you can record beautiful videos of your products, which you will automatically upload to your YouTube channel. This feature allows you to quickly create attractive product videos for use on both sales platforms and social media.

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Image Tools – advanced photo editing

Create repeatable, refined packshots in any color version! With MODEViD PRO you can freely edit the colors and the texture of the whole or selected parts of an image. By using only one photo, you can create any number of color versions of your product. You can also design new color versions of existing products.

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360° animation creator

With MODEViD PRO, you can create professional and interactive 360° and 3D animations of your product in seconds. You are free to set animation speed, rotation direction, image resolution and other effects. MODE360° complete environment allows you to publish and send your animation to your MODEViEW account with one button!

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Player ModeLooK

– adapted to mobile devices,
– compatible with all browsers,
– gesture support function,
– keyboard control,
– user interface personalization options,
– Hotspot.

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The Hotspot function allows you to mark the chosen product element on a 360 presentation and add a description to it. Once you’ve added a Hotspot, you can freely edit it by changing its location, color and font to suit the style of your online store.

Thanks to this option, you can emphasize the most important features of products and, most importantly, attract the attention of your customers in an original way.